Saturday, May 15, 2010

. snatch rant .

Last semester, JD had an eye opening lecture about eye-direction in a sequence/shot or demo reel.

I watched Snatch today. I'm such a big fan of the movie I thought I'd share what I've seen:

One of my favorite sequences of the movie is the 'chase'. I frame-by-framed it and noticed how briliantly this sequence was executed.

Check out the eye direction (it's a bit messy :D ):
Here is the original:

Notice the zig zaggy change of direction, to make it feel like a chase, this is too cool:
And then back again:
And again:

Finally, check out the line of action of those cuts. I watched the movie several times before but never noticed it until now

I don't think Guy Ritchie could have picked better then Mirwais' music for this montage. It's my dream to one day animate to music.

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Sam said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

Keaton Tips said...

Well of course you didn't notice it until now. You've been going to school to train you to see this stuff.

Awesome example. Great stuff. Thanks for pointing that out.
This is why storyboarding is important.

Jenni Williams said...

I absolutely love that movie and I always wondered why it was so amazing. It's pure GENIUS! That scene is definitely one of my favorites as well. The song is so perfect for it. Thanks for sharing that, that was really neat.

(hello, by the way :D)

.Louaye. said...


I'm glad you guys liked this! Every time I watch this movie I notice something new and amazing! :D