Saturday, February 19, 2011

. LYRICS of the souls of distortion .

I searched the lyrics on the internet but I couldn't find anything so I made my own:

00:00 (intro)
wah x 32

wah awah awahaaww?
wahawa awaawahoow!
awah? awaah wah!
woh oww? waaaha woohow!!
awah!! eeweeh wah woh wah woh woh ... (wah akwwaaah!)

wahwo wah woohwo???
wahawho! ahwaah wehwoh!
akwah? ahwah wah!
waheh! akwahwah wehwoh!
akwah? awah wah wah wah wah wa!

waweb? awah woh??? wah awah awaaw!!
waweb? awaaah wehob!! aw! awaaaw!
Wahawahawahweb??? Wah awah awaaaaw!!
waheb? ahwaheb???? wah awah awah wah!
wahebh? awaaa weh?? wah awah awwwwaw!
waheb?? waaab wob? wah awWwWeEeEewww!

aweh a'weheb!
awah' awah wah!
aweh a'weheb!
awah awah wah!
aweb aweheb,
awahwahheb wahneneb

weh weh weh weh weh ...
awah wah wah wah wah ...
Weh weh weh weh weh ....


wah awah awahaaww???
wahawa awaa wahoow!
awah? awaah wah!
wohoww? waaa woo!
wwaa ehh weeh eweeh weh wah weh weh weh weh ... (wakalak KWA!)

wahwo wah woohwo? (waneneb!)
wahah! waah wehwoh!
akwah? ahwah wah!
waheh! akwahwah? wehwoh!
akwah? ahwah wah! wah weh wah wah wa!

(waweb) waweb?? awah woh?!! wah awah awaeeew!!!!
waweb?! akwah wehob!! aw! awaw!!!!
Wahaw! aawaahheb? Wah awah awooh web!!
waheb? ahwaheb???? waheb!! awah wah !
wahebh? awah wah!! wah awah awooh? wah!
wahawahawaaaawaaow! awah! awah wah!
awak awahob! wah awah a wahwah!

wahob! akwaob !
wah awoh awah wah!
akwak akwahob !

wah (till end)

Music and Lyrics by Joe Satriani



Saturday, February 12, 2011

. quotes .

I watched Molière recommended by Carlos Banea and picked up a couple of interesting quotes about acting. I think they work pretty well for animation too:

L'enemi c'est le doute
Doubt is the enemy

C'est un metier du sentir, et non pas de l'apparence
Acting (animation) is a job of feeling and not appearance.